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The current Terms and Conditions arrange all relations between the online shop LHA – Lithium Hotel Accessories (called also or the site) as the seller side and the customers of our online services as the buyer side. These Terms and Conditions bind legally all customers who by clicking on an object, a link or a button on the pages of (excluding the current Terms and Conditions), agree, fully accept and comply with these Terms and Conditions.

LHA reserves the right to occasionally modify the Terms and Conditions of the website at our own discretion at any time or if such change is necessary according to a new act being introduced.

In case of a change in the Terms and Conditions LHA will inform the customers about this by officially posting it on the website. Therefore, customers are advised to check our Terms and Conditions regularly.

If any article in the current Terms and Conditions turn out to be void or inapplicable, irrespectively of the reason for it, this will not inflict invalidity or inapplicability on the rest of the articles.

We strive to keep the information on our website up-to-date. However, customers should keep in mind that typos or other mistakes are possible. LHA would like to remind that all product images are used only as samples of the actual products and they may be delivered in slightly different packages.

All product features and prices, published on the website, could be modified by the seller at any time. Due to technical issues, some products may be published with the incorrect price or features, for which LHA apologizes in advance.

Because of limitations of the website and the information structure, the product descriptions may sometimes be incomplete. Nevertheless, our main effort it to offer the best and most comprehensive product information.

All products, including the ones on sale, could be ordered and purchased until stocks run out, even though this may not be explicitly stated on our website.

The site may contain links towards third-party sites and LHA cannot control and is, therefore, not responsible for their privacy policies as well as the information they may publish.


The online page is part of Lithium Ltd. – a company registered according to the Bulgarian Commercial Code. Lithium Ltd. is a partner of CAHM – Romania.




You can sign up on and place orders as a registered customer. To do this you need to pick up a unique user name and password. You also need to enter your delivery address, personal name and surname, e-mail address, and telephone number. Your contact details will be stored into our data base. Afterwards, you will be able to change the delivery address, your contact details or to appoint a representative to receive the delivery (if needed) with every new order. By clicking on the button Order Now you give an electronic statement within the meaning of the Electronic Documents and Electronic Signatures Act, with which you confirm that you have read and accepted the current Terms and Conditions.



The stored personal data of our customers (names, delivery addresses, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, etc.) will be used only in relation to service our contract needs: to register the order, to deliver the order, to contact you (if needed), which are all in accordance with the Personal Data Privacy Act.

LHA will not redistribute your personal data under any circumstances or form to third parties, nor will we use the data for any other purposes than the ones stated above.



You can place your orders on 24 hours, including public holidays and weekends. When finalizing your order, you will be able to go through the list of the selected items in your basket and make amendments as needed. You will also be able to change your delivery address and contact details. We will confirm the order and currier details either by e-mail or on the phone. Placing an order using our online form or on the phone is in effect a legally binding distance selling purchase agreement, where the buyer side is obliged to enter into the contract with the seller side within 30 days.

Placing an order into our system is not equal to accepting, confirming or committing to carry out the delivery. This can happen either electronically (via an e-mail) or via a phone call.

Therefore, the Seller reserves the right not to deliver part or all the products or not to carry out part or all services placed with the order due to various objective reasons, including, but not only due to stock depletion. In any such cases LHA will inform customers about this either by e-mail or on the phone. The only responsibility of the Seller will be to refund the already paid amount for the given product or service.

The purchase agreement is prepared by the seller side and is considered relevant only after the seller sends the product to the recipient.

Given the fact that the purchase agreement between the online shop and the customer of the site is concluded based on the seller side offering goods to the buyer as part of a goods purchasing framework, where from the moment of making the offer till the moment of concluding the contract, there is no physical contact between the two sides, the purchase agreement is in effect a distance selling according to the Consumer Protection Act.

The customer has the right to cancel the order, i.e. to drop his/her proposal to enter into a contract, without any penalty charges due prior to the goods being sent. The customer must inform the Seller about the cancellation via an e-mail.

The products bought on cannot be sold to third parties.



The final amount due is a sum of all prices of the products, which the customer has selected, plus the price of the delivery and the price of the goods insurance (if any). All prices include VAT and cannot be modified at any point of time from the moment of purchase till the moment of payment. All prices are quoted in BGN. All purchases are delivered with a corresponding invoice.

Whenever there may be online payments or bank account transfers, the Seller cannot control and is, therefore, not responsible for any additional charges the corresponding financial bodies may incur on the Buyer with relation to the transactions. This includes also foreign currency exchanged where the bank, issuer of the debit/credit card, charges а commission on the purchase in BGN. Paying by card to is considered as international interbank payments by the Bulgarian banks and according to their card payment policies additional charges may apply. The same refers to all transactions that LHA makes towards customers, irrespectively whether it is a purchase refund or of any other nature.  All expenses related to such payments are borne by the Buyer. LHA recommends to all customers to check with their banks about any applicable additional charges prior to purchasing goods online.



There are a few possible issues which may arise while we are trying to send your order:

  1. One or more of the selected items are out of stock. In this case a member of staff of LHA will contract you as soon as possible.
  2. The delivery address/invoice address is incomplete or wrong.
  3. Wrong contact telephone number.
  4. Cases of force majeure. Force majeure will be all circumstances or events, which are out of control by any of the purchase agreement sides and which cannot be avoided.



The Seller reserves the right to use subcontractors to carry out the obligations according the distance selling purchase agreement, concluded via the website without any need to inform the Buyer or to seek the Buyer’s consent. The Seller will be held responsible for all the actions of the selected subcontractors.



  1. Payment-on-delivery – the buyer will pay the whole amount due to the currier upon receipt of the ordered products.
  2. Payment via a bank transfer – the order will be confirmed and sent by the Seller after the payment of the amount due is transferred into the Seller’s bank account.

Bank Account Details:

Bank Account Holder: Lithium Ltd

Bank Account: UniCredit Bulbank, IBAN BG32UNCR70001522567269




The Seller will deliver all goods and services only on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria. The price of the delivery of any purchases under the amount of BGN 150 (including VAT) is BGN 6.99.

LHA will deliver all purchases within 5 working days from the moment of placing the order, using a currier.

We do not offer the service “View shipment before delivery.”



If the Buyer decides to abandon a purchase agreement, the amount already paid by him/her will be refunded, without excessive delay, within 14 days from the date, on which the Seller receives a notice from the Buyer.

The contract cannot be cancelled:

  • When the product has been used; this is also improper from hygienic point of view (e.g. shampoos, conditioners, toothbrushes, soap bars, etc.)
  • When the returned product has been damaged or obviously used, the Seller has the right to charge additional amounts for compensation of damages arising.
  • When providing services, where a given service is completed or its execution has been started with the consent and confirmation of the customer that he/she is aware he/she will lose his/her right to cancel the contract after it has been carried out in full by the Seller.
  • When providing services, where a given service is completed or its execution has been started with the explicit consent in advance and confirmation of the customer that he/she is aware he/she will lose his/her right to cancel the contract after it has been carried out in full by the seller.
  • When custom-made goods are delivered to the customer according to his/her individual requirements.
  • When the goods being delivered, due to their nature, are likely to get impaired or are quickly perishable.
  • When sealed package products have been opened, they cannot be returned, as they can be non-hygienic or dangerous to health.

For the purposes of implementing the right of cancellation of a contract, the Buyer is to inform about this the Seller via an e-mail on .



There is a statutory period of 30 days to review any return any products. This is counted from the day after the date the Seller has been informed about it. Before sending back your purchased products, please, contact us for more information. Please, inform us about any product returns on .

In your message, please, state the reason why you want to return the product and attach a copy of the invoice or information about yourself, so we can quickly identify your purchase (in most cases this will be the name or phone number to which we have sent the order). Please, specify your bank account details where you would like to be refunded the amount for the purchased products in case we acknowledge your claims.

Please, do not forget to specify your exact contact details, including the e-mail and telephone number, which we can use to inform you about the progress of your claim.

If your claim is acknowledged, we will reimburse you the transportation expenses.

Please, do not return your purchased products using transport companies, which require payment-on-delivery. In these cases, the parcel will not be accepted.


The Seller is not responsible for any damages to the product due to force majeure or other circumstances which are out of the control of the Seller and which have been inflicted during the delivery.



The Seller will make various discounts offers (to loyal customer, for bulk purchases, etc.) Each discount offer will be regulated by different set of rules.

In case the discount offers or vouchers are not used in accordance with the corresponding set of rules, the Seller has the right to disregard them. The Buyer will be notified about this and a new offer (without the given discount or voucher) will be made.

The Terms and Conditions regulating a given discount offer are attached straight to it(after the information sheet) or are stated under a link redirecting the customer to the corresponding internet pages with detailed description regarding the offer.

In case there is ambiguity regarding a discount offer, the interpretation of the terms from the Seller’s point of view will be taken into consideration.

Every discount offer or voucher can be used only once, unless the opposite is explicitly stated. In the case of multiple use, the Seller has the right to refuse to recognize the discount offer or voucher.

If the value of the voucher or the discount offer is higher that the value of the order, the difference will not be transferred onto a new voucher and the excess amount will not be reimbursed.



The content according to the description in the Definitions Chapter, including all kinds of logos, graphical images and signs, trademarks, symbols, texts and/or multimedia website content constitute an exclusive property of LHA and CAHM.

LHA and CAHM reserve all intellectual  property rights related in any way to the website, irrespectively of the fact whether they are their own or acquired through contractual license or in any other legal way.

Any content of the website, which the customer can access, irrespectively of the means used to do this, are subject to the current Terms and Conditions.

The customer can copy, transfer and/or use only content which is meant for his/her personal non-commercial purpose and only in cases where this does not contradict the presuppositions of the current chapter of the document.

The customer has the right to use the content for commercial purposes only if and only when he/she has received a written consent for this by LHA and CAHM. This can be only in the part of the content and in the way and to the degree, as well we in the time frame, specified in the explicit consent.

Just sending or referring to the content or parts of it by LHA to the customer will not be considered as written consent from the LHA and CAHM side to appropriate this content or parts of it for his/her own purposes, other than his/her own personal, irrespectively of the communication means used.

Any kind of use of the content for other purposes, apart from the ones already explicitly stated in the current Terms and Conditions or such stated in an explicitly written consent by LHA and CAHM, is not allowed.



Regarding all issues not addressed in the current Terms and Conditions or in any additional queries, please, contact us on the above-mentioned e-mail/telephone number.